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Black Widow Spiders : Spider control in Idaho Falls for black widows is fortunately rare for the homeowner. Although we do have black widow spiders in Idaho Falls they are much less common than hobo spiders. We would love to tackle these venomous spiders for you professionally, effectively, and safely.

Black Widow Spider

Hobo Spiders : A hobo spider exterminator in Idaho Falls is our most common request from homeowners in the Idaho Falls, Rigby, Shelley area. These semi-aggressive spiders seem to be in every home year-round. Needless to say, you are in good hands with us. We have the training, the products, and the experience to eliminate your hobo spider issue in Idaho Falls for good.

Hobo Spider

Cockroaches : Choosing a cockroach exterminator in Idaho Falls is a very important decision. We have an excellent "1-10-20-30" cockroach turnaround protocol in place specifically for roaches. We take this job extra serious.

Cockroach Species Comparison

House Flies : Pest control in Idaho Falls for house flies is critical to get right. Emerging in summer and reaching it's peak in the fall, house fly infestations are no fun to tackle with hardware store insecticides. We have professional products that will kill the adults and the larvae.


Wasps, Hornets, & Yellow Jackets : Wasp removal in Idaho Falls can be dangerous. Leave it to us to come eliminate and remove these aggressive hives from your property while you sit inside and watch from the window where it's safe!


Ants : Ant control in Idaho Falls is one of our many specialties. If you need ant control in Idaho Falls, ant control in Rigby, or ant control in Shelley, you've called the right place.


Mice & Voles : There are 2 common types of rodents you may be seeing around your Idaho Falls home. Mice extermination in Idaho Falls is common. Vole exterminator requests in Idaho Falls are also common. Voles build tunnels in your grass, we'll put an end to it.

Vole Damage

Earwigs : Pest control in Idaho Falls is common for Earwigs. June and July is when these pests come out the most. We have a rigorous interior and exterior treatment plan to eliminate these nasty bugs.


Boxelder Bugs : Pest control in Idaho Falls for Boxelder Bugs is extremely common. If you have seen these black and red bugs flying around your garage door, front door, windows, and foundation, we can help. We have helped countless people who were once in your shoes, dealing with a Boxelder Bug infestation in Idaho Falls.

Boxelder Bugs

Elm Seed Beetles : Pest control exterminator services in Idaho Falls for Elm Seed Beetles is what we do best. Elm Seed Beetles look similar to, and behave like Boxelder Bugs, and are eliminated in a similar way as well. We are confident we can eliminate them from your property.

Elm Seed Beetle
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